• Another false statement. Where are you getting this stuff?
  • Islam divides the world into two parts, Dar al Islam (the house of Islam) and Dar al Harb (the house of War). In Dar al Harb, Islam is unable to implement Sharia Law, which includes such things as the requirement to provide for male muslim witnesses to prove a rape. This, however, is the law in much of Dar al Islam. You can find examples from Pakistan to Sudan to Saudi Arabia. Worse, if a female accuses a man of rape and he is acquitted -- she can be tried and executed. Because of this, it is almost unheard of for a woman in Dar al Islam to report a rape to the authorities.
  • Well if they saw or know what happened they have there right to do that.
  • That is NOT the law where I live!
  • A variation of the golden rule, he who has the gold makes the rules. He who hath the penis, made those rules.
  • Because 4 guys and fewer can keep their stories straight. .
  • To prove their answers better and so the judge believes the person more then when shes by herself.
  • Who told you that? There never has to be witnesses and rarely ever are.
  • that isn't the case where i live...
  • This seems to be some sort of Islamic law, made up by men that women cannot comply such it is immoral. Maybe acceptable to the Mullahs' but not to the true God.
  • A woman can only bring charges against a man if she has FOUR ADULT MALE WITNESSES, according to Sharia law. Otherwise, it is she who is the criminal, and she is punished for fornication or adultery. The punishment ranges from beating to death, especially in Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia, Filipino domestic servants are raped with impunity on a regular basis. Giving tail to the head of the household and his sons is considered part of the job description.
  • for rapist to be punished, atleast 4 male witnesses are required who affirm that the girl is raped now think yourself if the rapist will rape a girl in front of 4 or more men , and these guys will have to testify. rapists have upper hand in islam moreover, if the girl is unable to prove rape, she is killed by stoning or expelled
  • Because where ever this law applies is a sick, twisted, demented place that should probably be taken over by some one with a brain. Sorry, but in a place where rape is obviously acceptable what else can I say? OBVIOUSLY if there were four male witnesses to said rape, said rape would not have occured unless those men were sitting there watching. Sick, very. Don't forget that the witnesses can't be female proving that this society doesn't care what a female has to say, espically about say, her sister being raped. Maybe this place should just be taken off the map entirely.
  • islam said if a man or women involved in illegal sex ..there must be 4 witness..or if they admit this has noting to do with rape there is anoter law for rape
  • It was originally intended as a defense against a charge of adultery. She would be guilty of adultery only if four adult males saw her commit the act. . But, if you think that's a plus point, think again. Technically there is NO SUCH THING as rape in the world of Islam. And there is NO WORD in Arabic that means rape. Any woman, married or unmarried, who has sex out of wedlock is committing adultery and can be stoned to death, even if she is forced (i.e., raped, in Western terminology). The mere fact that she engages in coitus with a man who is not her husband is DEFINED as adultery. The rapists aren't raping girls at all; the girls are committing adultery by being ravished against their will. . And that, dear readers, is how they get the so-called "low incidence" of rape. And that is "Allah's Perfect Law."

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