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  • It certainly is; very much so!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Absolutely. You probably have a better/more informed idea of what you want. Given the increased life expectancies today, you've still got a lot of life to live. No reason to live it without loving someone or being loved. One caveat which has more to do with marriage rather than love. As you age, you accumulate assets. Protect them and be wary! Not romantic...but a fact of life:(
  • I'm 41, and I'm in love with my wife.
  • Of course. Love has no boundries. You can fall in love and be in love at any point in your life. :)
  • Of course. Why wouldn't it be? It isn't like you cease to feel/have emotions on midnight of your 40th birthday. You are a feeling human until the day you die (barring medical problems).
  • I hope so cause I am 32 and life will just be pointless if there is no love after 40, what about my wife, I will miss her so much. I VOTE YES FOR LOVE ALL THE WAY UP AND TILL COUNTLESS X 99999
  • Absolutely it is. My grandmother was in her 70's when she met her beau. After 20 years of her being a widow, it was nice to see.
  • I may be in my 40s, but I ain't in here yet;)
  • even more so....
  • Love has no time constraint. It all depends on how genuine you are with one another, plus the chemistry that makes things spark. Sometimes, the older you get, the wiser your choice is.
  • Of course!It's even better ;)
  • It's not often that I ever feel 'offended' by any question, but as a 46 year old very much alive female, this comes close!
  • Why not? I would love to be in love in my 50's or 60's. Love is a beautiful thing. Sometimes ;)
  • I'm in my 50s and still in love with my husband. And I've known people in the 80-90s who loved deeply. But if yu mean can people that old fall in love anew, yes they can, too. I have a good friend who met her husband when she was in her late 40s. I knew a widower who lost his wife when he was in his 80s and he met a younger woman who was in her 60s. They are so much in love, like teens:-)
  • Most definately not.By the time you hit forty the parietal lobe, and the frontal lobe have gone through major changes in the last three to five years making it impossible to be in love.
  • Yes, both to fall in love and be in love. When I met my (2nd) wife, I was 44 and she was 43. It's been almost 3 years now, and we're still positively "goopey" over each other. But, it's not the same as when I was in my 20's. Then, real love and deeper biological drives (other than just the need to get your rocks off) come on you something like an assault - a total surprise that overwhelms your rational faculties and your will: its alluring and repulsive, emboldening and terrifying: part of you is screaming "Go fort it!" while another part is screaming "Get the Hell out NOW!". (The latter voice is of course the voice of selfishness and autonomy.) It all strikes you simultaneously as "destiny" and "total surprise and disbelieve". ("We're meant for each other!" vs. "Why am I so attacted to this person? They're nothing like what I planned on or imagined!") But this tortured conflict adds a lot of the dynamism and sensation to the whole experience. In later years, maturity, experience, and perhaps the fact that this time you aren't exactly being pulled into the unknown, lets you go through it without the strange sense of danger and alarm, and thus without all the angst and excitement: it's not as passionate/ardent as it was in youth, but a heck of lot more pleasant and just plain sweet.
  • Of course it is!!

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