• Yes, 4 times. Once on my ankle where I broke it, once on my elbow where it got shattered when I fell (still have the pins in my elbow that hurts when it gets cold) another on my ankle, and on my wrist. It always itches, once on my wrist I got tired of it itching and I cut the cast open 2 weeks to early, then put a softcast on it. most of them were on for 3-4 weeks.
  • I broke my wrist when I was 17 and wore a cast for 4 months. It did itch like crazy. I use to get a metal hanger and straighten it out. And gently work it under cast where it was itching, and scratch the effected area.
  • Hey Ed! Same as scooter :)
  • Yes, I had an operation when I was 14 on my leg & I had a full leg cast on for 6 weeks. When they took it off, I could barely bend my knee since it had been staight for 6 weeks
  • Eddie, how is your healing going on your jaw? no casts for me, i don't live dangerously
  • yes for a broken itched a lot...but that was in the days before they had removeable casts.
  • When I sliced my achilles tendon I was in a cast for 3 months...I used the flat part of a back scratcher to ease the itches.
  • When I was 3 years old I broke my ankle and had to wear a cast for awhile..I don't remember how long the "awhile" was..but I do remember going from pain to terrible itching..yes, it did itch like crazy. I remember my mom trying to relieve some of it by gently trying to put something down the cast..I don't remember what it was, but she tried..something like a seemed to help a bit. She moved it around and it felt really good.
  • You need the CastCooler. It removes moisture under you cast which is where bacteria grows which then stinks and itches. Check out
  • Tough about the itching, you must lie still and accept it. I have been in a thigh cast for 6 months, itched every second of the day like crazy but I was told I must bear and accept it. It will it and you won't like it.
  • I have worn many casts over the years. They all has some itching or other discomfort. I guess I have has a lot of bad luck... Full leg cast for right knee injury. Both legs at different times for ankle fractures. Halo brace for a cervical fracture for 6 months. Both ankles for tendon problems at the same time, and I tripped and broke both arms. Had leg casts and full arms casts for over 6 weeks. Numerous ankle and wrist casts and braces for tendonitis applied by my wife who is an orthopedic technician. The worst was was not a cast, but having my jaw wired shut for 6 weeks for my jaw dislocating. Hurt like hell to have those wires pulled tight around my teeth. After a few days it actually felt good as the pain in my jaw totally went away.
  • When I broke my collar bones I had to wear a sling when I broke my ribs there was no cast for that when I broke my first ankle I had an inflatable cast but it was removable so there wasn't the cast issues I did develop a lump on my leg that eventually went away and on the second ankle I only had a split (long story)
    • Linda Joy
      Sry missed the how long. A couple months or so.

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