• If your partner truly cares about you, you should be able to stop at any time.
  • This is a good question. If you make it so far it would be hard to stop, but I am sure the law says stop if one changes their mind.
  • Yes, but if you are that far, what's the point.
  • Hi riff... At the risk of being cruel, I suppose. On the other hand, you might defer to fun contact short of penetration... and I do mean "fun". :):):)
  • To me...and given my history, no means no, whether we're deeping kissing, or I'm b*lls deep. If I'm told to stop, I stop. Not doing so shows an extreme lack of respect for the other person.
  • Yes, you can change your mind at any time.
  • There is no point of no return. You can never take back anything you do, but at any point during sex he/she says to stop... you stop. This may cause frustration, and the other may have no idea why they were just told to stop, but once "Stop" has been said, and you continue, you are now raping the person you were consentually having intercourse with previously. It is harder to prove at that point than if a person said stop at the beginning and the entire sexual experience was unwanted. The safest thing is to know your limits, your boundaries and keep them, express them at the beginning, and if you can't trust yourself or your partner to keep those boundaries, than don't allow yourself in that position, thus the need in many cases for a chaperone.
  • No time is a bad time to say no or stop.
  • You can always change your mind up to the moment of the deed itself. But once you're both naked, I think it would cause a lot of embarrassment and hurt feelings to change your mind just then...
  • YES! When i was going to have sex for the first time, and I changed my mind the last moment and we didn't do anything. So yeah. Plus, if someone says no, IT MEANS NO. and no exceptions.
  • Its never 2 late, but u sure look a heck of a lot more stupid if u wait until then to say no.
  • I've done it, I was hungry. I made a yummy hamburger. I am divorced from that one LOL
  • In the UK they have changed the law so that a man HAS to ask and get consent before sex, even if its not rape and they forgot to get consent legally its still rape, this is because many rapists were using the defence "she didnt say no"
  • You can always change your mind at whatever point you would feel uncomfortable with it. No means no, and if they don't respect your wishes then they can legally be charged with rape from that point on.
  • Hmmmm well I think it is just consideration for the other person, to NOT SAY STOP when they are about to orgasm, my husband tells me to stop (so he wont cum) right when I am orgasming so yeah i think its kind of rude to say stop. I think after 5-10 minutes of sex you cant say stop.
  • One can change their mind at any time.
  • yes you can stop at ANY point. Just explain to him/her that it doesnt feel right anymore. even most guys wont want to continue if you're not into it...
  • of course you can stop. shit i even managed to pull out as i came cos my ex told me to. that was tough :P
  • Yes, of course you can always stop! 1 time my friend and I were both naked and getting hot, but we had no protection, so I had to tell him to stop. I didn't want to get pregnant. He respected my wishes and saw that I was the 1 who was thinking straight and stopped.
  • You can change your mind up until the point that he enters because no matter what you say that was still sex.
  • There's no point of no return. It is still rape even if you are both naked and you say no and he refuses to take no for an answer. It's even rape if you had sex thirty minutes ago and you say no to sex a second time.
  • NO MEANS NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Yes, as a man I have, for whatever the reason, it did not feel right!!!
  • Of course you can! Your body, your emotions, your feelings. If you're not feeling comfortable with it, then no one should stop you.
  • I would stop if my partner said NO. It's just respect and caring. If I don't have the will-power to stop, I've probably got issues!! Although I would hope my partner would be kind enough to decide she wasn't going to change her mind mid-stream during foreplay!
  • Saying NO means that, even if the man is inside you and you change your mind. It's rape
  • Yes it is. But still I do think that thinking before starting something si better.

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