• you marry her, then you get wife 4.0!
  • You're contractually obligated to maintain the relationship for 2 years or pay $125.00 for breaking the contract. After 2 years you're free to upgrade to a hottie of your choice.
  • Some girlfriends do not need upgrading... just proper maintenance. However; if you have chosen a model that is not compatible with you, or if you have chosen a model that is beyond your means to afford/perform the proper maintenance, then I suggest trading her in for one that is more right for you. Be careful though! Some makes/models have a self-destruct mechanism that automatically initiates when they sense you are interested in another model. If you are happy with the make/model that you have currently and are just looking to upgrade, then I suggest purchasing the Engagement/Marriage package. Again... be careful! Some makes/models are not compatible with this upgrade and lose some vital functions after installation. The functions that seem to be mostly affected are the Career, Sex and Reasonability functions. FYI... This information could also pertain to those wishing to upgrade their current boyfriend models. Although the Marriage upgrade does not seem to create as many system errors in the Sex function after installation as much as it does in the some girlfriend models, the Career and Reasonability functions could still be adversely affected.
  • Sounds like she needs an upgrade, you!! ;)
  • Buy her all new jewelry and clothes.
  • WEST COAST CUSTOMS BABY!!!!!! Big screen on her back for those dog style positions and a cup holder on the head!!....what a question...;)
  • what a horrible question to ask obviously you must not love your girlfriend as much as you think you do oeither that or you are a very vain and shallow person who cares only aboiut physical attraction and gives no thought to the many beautiful things on the inside and lest you get confused I am talking about what is in her heart and soul not what's under her clothing I take it by your question you are either young (under 25) or you never grew up and still do most of your thinking with what's in your pants physical beauty is way overrated and fades over time but inner beauty in almost every case never fades I would much rather have someone who is not much to look at physically but is a beautiful person inside than have a beauty queen who has an ugly heart and soul hopefully one day you will wake up and realize this
  • Now, I know that Linux is great, but to consider it your "Girlfriend" is a bit odd. However, if you're looking for a real speed boost, I would recommend some more RAM and maybe a Hard Drive upgrade. Also make sure you have the latest build, and learn to use those repositories! ;)
  • you pop the disc in and click UPGRADE and then put checks next to the qualities you want :-)
  • See what you can get on a trade-in model. You may be better off. j/k..:)
  • Ask her this question, and she will be the one doing the upgrading.
  • Trade her in for a younger model.
  • I would not neccessarily use such an immature phrase as "upgrade"...however, if you meet someone that you feel is really a better match for you, I would be hardpressed to tell you not to pursue a chance for happiness.
  • Meow I would not worry about trade in the time I get through with them I have usually used up all the value they have...LOL
  • haha :L you have to find a way to take her to the next level yourself ;)
  • Is this some kind of joke? Please remind me to never date you if you ever end up interested in me.
  • I suggest visiting In the coming weeks it will have all the info you need on how to upgrade your girlfriend.
  • That is so wrong, but I've always loved "Can't Find a Better Man" song by Perl Jam. Anyways, don't waste time and energy on someone that I don't really like...and definitely don't waste their time.

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