• Sell to the dealer only if you need his trade-in offer as part of the down payment on your new car. Remember, though, that he's going to offer you less than the wholesale value, so you're not getting much. Of course, if your car is ready for the junk yard anyway, you'll probably be glad to get whatever you can. If you sell to a private party, you'll have a bit of work ahead of you: advertising, waiting, dealing with strangers, title transfer and other DMV paperwork, and don't forget...YOU are responsible for the smog check. However, you can get a lot more cash for your car than if you sell to the dealer. If you're selling a real hard to find car, like a classic Corvette or other enthusiast car, definitely sell private party. I had a friend who put an ad in for a '71 Road Runner, and the buyers practically beat a path to his door!
  • Private...assuming you want the most money for your vehicle and you are reasonably intelligent enough to avoid scammers.

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