• Yeah, I've had one of those dreams. I went on the school bus and did not notice until someone pointed it out.
  • No but when i was about 7 i remember getting to school and i forgot to put my knickers on,my mother found them on the bed realised i hadnt put them on so sent my older sister with them to school,and the teacher sent me behind the blackboard to put them on now thats embarrassing even for a 7 years old lol.
  • Oh God yes and what a nightmare that was. I dream it alot. Apparently it has something to do with being vunerable.
  • Yes i dreamt that i was at school walking & fell ino a pile of mud & when i got up to clean myself up i found out i was naked.
  • Not neccesarily in school all the time, but usually in public places. It's usually by the end of the dream, and by then it's more of a nightmare. I'd be talking to someone, and out of nowhere I'd be either topless or nude, and I'd be freaking out, trying to find something to wear, but I can never find anything. The weirdest part is, everyone else in my dream carries on like everything is normal, while I'm running around freaking out. And when I find something, it's always to small and never a color I like. I can relate, trust me. ;)
  • yeh, then i woke up naked in world civ.
  • No, but I did have a dream where I went to school clothed, which is scary enough.
  • Yes, I dreamt that I walked to school, as usual. I arrived at school and there were all girls there, absolutely no guys. They all giggled at me as I walked to the front doors. The bell rang and I went inside the building and saw my hot business principles teacher. She looked down and laughed outrageously at me. I had no idea what was happening. As I made it to English class, many other girls, older and my same age, laughed and pointed at me. When I finally got to English class, all the girls in the room giggled at me and the hot teacher looked shocked. She then began to laugh a bit and said, "Young man, why are you naked in my class?" I got really scared and laooked down to see I was naked! I looked for something to cover with, but there was nothing around! I stood there naked and humiliated, until I woke up.

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