• I would be honest. It will only hurt him of he should somehow find out later. I suggest you will tell him how this was a mistake his father made, and that when we make a mistake, we can learn great lessons from them. Your son is at a great age to begin teaching him about responsibility.
  • I think you should tell your son how long his father will be gone for, and that he is gone for making a serious mistake. I wouldn't tell him specifically that it was for drunk driving because he might not completely understand that. I would wait a few years before explaining to him the dangers of drinking and driving.
  • Tell him the truth, he will understand. It will help teach him that there are always consequences to certain choices we make in life. With an obviously loving caring mother such as yourself I think he will probably grow up into a fine young man. :)
  • I think you have to tell him, because I think you need to take him there to see his father on visiting days.
  • Little kids have big ears and if he overheard something he might be scared. You should tell him and explain it to his level of understanding. Kids deserve the truth but in a tactful way. The truth is less scary then what he is imagining. Good Luck:)
  • Small children are often more intelligent than we give them credit for. Honesty is always best, pared down in a way a child can understand. I'm sure there's a way to explain to a child about how there are important rules to follow, even for grownups (laws), and that breaking the rules can get you punished, just like it does at home. {I don't think I'd word it *exactly* that way, but you get the idea.)
  • A six year old is not ready for adult "Truth". Tell him only what he can bear.
  • tell him. he can learn from it. but make sure he still loves his dad. tell him on his level
  • I would tell him. It's better than having him learn half the truth, or an inaccurate version. If dad was the family income your son is going to notice you two being on lean times. He also might want to visit his father, even if in jail, especially if he will be there for a long time. Dad did something very bad and is being punished for it, that's one of Life's lessons and your son might as well understand it.
  • You need to tell him the truth. If not he'll be so confussed and upset when he does find out the truth that he won't trust you anymore. Especially if he hears it from somebody else.
  • Children don't need to know everything about mom and dad. This is one of them. I would tackle this issue when your son is much older especially if alcoholism is a factor and it wasn't just a one time mistake.
  • tell him the truth before someone else does, he might want to visit his dad so that would be hard to do without telling him where he is
  • At 6, he's too young to understand that dad's in jail and why he's there. I'd wait on the truth for a while.

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