• American Express is good because you have to pay off the balance with each billing period. It also gives you the option of paying certain kinds of things off over time, but not everything. For instance, you can choose travel for making payments on. For the most part, it's great to have for emergencies and you're not likely to over use it since you have to pay the balance every month.
  • You could get a secured credit card, but there will be an annual fee and you'll have to pay some money upfront, but you will be approved. You could also try Capital One, but I'd call the 800 number and talk to a supervisor first and explain your situation. I'd also suggest you pay your bill off in full and on (or ahead of) time every month. They'll eventually increase your credit limit. If secured, they SHOULD change your card to an unsecured card without an annual fee, but, again, call and ask questions ahead of time. If you're a member of a credit union or bank and have had accounts (savings and/or checking) in good standing for a few years, that would be helpful and worth a shot. You could also try to get a credit card from a department store or a gas station. They tend to extend credit to those without a credit history, but I can't guarantee it. If you shop at Kirklands, their consumer card offers a $10 "merchandise rewards certificate" for every $150 you spend. The Macy's card offers special shopping discounts from time to time, I understand. I don't have these cards, but if you shop at these places anyway, you may want to consider it.
  • credit one bank is a good one ive got rid of all my other cards but kept that one they work with people who dont have any credit are bad credit
  • Every credit card is a good credit card if you use it responsibly and every credit card is a bad credit card if you don't use it responsibly. I'd think that after the free range they were given by the government, they're all putting the screw on people. However, you can shop around for a good deal, for example, I have an American Express that gives me cash back on my purposes (Discover does the same). I use mine quite a bit so I get about $400 back every year but I do pay it off in full every month. Toyota has one that gives you points every time you shop which you can then use towards repairs, maintenance, etc on the car. It's a great deal if you own a Toyota, of course. GM used to have one that would apply the points towards the purchase of a new vehicle but I know their financing is not doing that great so they'd probably not extend credit to you. Essentially, you need to shop around for a good deal that makes sense to you, never charge more than you can pay and always pay in full.
  • Try asking your bannk
  • capital one cards with a member ship might be the one for you.. their standards are not as high.. +5
  • It's a bad time to go looking for a credit card, and if your site name is any indication of your real situation it's even worse.
  • Credit card offer from Bank of America 0% Balance transfer for 15 months No annual fee Standard APR: 8.24% – 18.24% or If you’d rather apply by phone, just call 866-438-6262 Priority code: UAAJVY IBO reference number: 5549488 Citizen:Yes
  • Apply for the credit card your bank offers. Just be sure there is no annual fees and there are no fees if you pay the total balance on the card before the current due date each month.

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