• I agree,ethic differences ,and philosophical differences,should not be pointed out and focusing on something more general as "peoples rights" is a better idea.
  • Interesting that you include 'gun owner's rights' among those of people who can't change who and what they are. Yes, all people should have the same rights. But the right to own a firearm is also a responsibility to control it properly. Not everyone is capable of that, and so not everyone should be a gun owner. I believe that guns are vital to our freedom, and that the Constitution, properly interpreted, should allow us to own RPG's and other military weapons. The 2nd Amendment was, after all, intended as a defense AGAINST our OWN gov't.
  • I think we should focus on peoples' rights not only in America, but all over the world.
  • Sure, or "equal rights." That's primarily what we talk about in LGBT political circles, yet that somehow gets twisted into "special rights" by those with bigotry. Go figure!
  • America is the most unequal society on the planet, so speaking of equal rights is somewhat of a misnomer. But I am glad to see they at least make an effort, or the façade of an effort anyways.
  • Equal rights does not stop at the surface of our skin or our sexuality or our religious or political association. Rights of all kinds must be equal or no one is free to exercise their freedoms under those rights. Hence, civil, religious, sexuality, gun owners too, all must respect the rights of others. This means that to impose ones beliefs on another by legislation discriminates against those rights of others. Presently the US is going through that learning / maturing process about those very conflicts that are tearing our country apart. The prospect of a new direction of the leadership of this country allows us hope that indeed there can be unity established in our respect for all.
  • theyre actually all in 1 category- its called civil rights.
  • Well over here in the UK we have Human Rights (along with the rest of Europe) and it is a pain in the backside most of the time and is constantly used to facilitate no end of silly claims made by people who don't want to do this or that. Of course, we also have all the other kinds of rights: gay rights, black rights, lesbian rights, kids rights & religious rights (which are made up as they go along). In fact, it could be said that the only thing that does not have it's own set of morally superior rights is the cat.
  • just remind those people there is a constitution that doesnt single out certain people or infringe on any of the rights listed above !
  • People don't get stroppy about "people". They get stroppy about "people not like me" i.e. people who made the mistake of being born with black skin or fancying their own sex. everybody thinks of themselves as "just folks" and is quite happy with other "just folks" i.e. people like them. So it ois those cases where people don't accept as "just folks" that we have to fight over. We only have to fight over black rights when black people are not treated as "just folks". People respect people - they just don't respect people who are different.
  • Well the reason we have those separate rights fights, is because many Americans, especially those that are in high places, don't think all men are created equally.

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