• nope - I simply rate questions and answers as I see fit...
  • No. I play points fairy to some of the newer members who have intelligent contributions and interesting questions (see profile). I don't discriminate based on rank - sometimes, rank doesn't mean anything. At all. We all have our "Fu@k the world, and I'm sorry you're in it" moments where what we post isn' I neg as I see fit, and give points the same way.
  • Nope, everyone who answers gets the same number of points unless their post is way off and then they get none.
  • I rate the questions and answers based on their merit. If a friend or high ranking member gives a great answer I rate it accordingly. I do the same for a newbie. I also don't play favorites with users who give crappy answers or ask stupid or illegible questions. I don't care who it is, I'm not up rating crap.
  • No, If I read a question..whether I answer it or not I give points :)
  • I point based on the answer, not the user. Simple as that. You have a good answer, you get top marks.
  • Naw, I've amassed some Sage and Sage-like friends here but I'll give a newbie as much or more if I think their answer is better!
  • I give the same points to everybody when they answer my questions ALWAYS - Unless it's offensive
  • No, I give what I think the answer or question merits, and usually that's the full +6. If it wasn't very helpful but they added a bit or were slightly humorous I might give a wee bit less. However that applies to everyone. Being able to give so many points is one of the nice things about being a higher level. It helps everybody to give out points a reward people for good answers.
  • no I am an equal opportunity point giver
  • No. I give people points for being helpful, funny, witty, or nice. Giving someone points just for being a higher rank is ridiculous.
  • i said before and ill say again, i give points to whoever gives an answer to my questions no matter who they are.
  • That's CRAZY! Who ever would do such a thing? I may be more proned even if it's not intentional to give points to people I know a bit better, but they still have to have a good answer! I am very into if it's not a good answer no points for you. Rank or not. Friend or not even.
  • I have never done that.....if I don't agree with them I just move matter who or what level they are.
  • It is the question or answer that get the points not the levelor person!!
  • Nope. I give points to anyone with a good question or answer, whether I happen to agree with it or not.
  • I give points for questions that I find interesting enough to answer regardless of the rank of the questioner. And I give points to everyone who answers my questions - I base these points on the answer and not the level of the person who answered.
  • when people answer my questions they will get max points from me unless they are just being hateful and every question i answer i give max points because if it wasnt a good question i would have just not answered it. i also will give max points to answers that were either funny that i enjoyed or very witty. To be honest I never know who i give points to until after i clicked the +.

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