• Yes I have.
  • Yes, I have...but it wasn't meant to be.
  • I married her.
  • My husband is my total opposite! We have a fabulous relationship!
  • yes to me that makes the most sense but there were way to many problems so it didn't work out.
  • Maybe not. Being a free spirit, unmaterialistic and living the spiritual life, a total opposite would probably cause problems. I often attract opposites who are drawn to me for spiritual reasons, and then they find they get into difficulties in the relationship because they are too entrenched in the material world to be able to have a meaningful relationship with me
  • I don't know about "totally" my opposite, but certainly I tend to find myself attracted to women who are quite different to myself. I think that is because there are personality traits in myself that I would like to be different ie. more outgoing, more spontaneous, and so I admire those people I meet who have the qualities I wish I had myself, which in turn makes them attractive to me, or at least makes me think well of them. Also, you need your partner to bring something new to your life so you can experience new, different things together... dating a female clone of myself would be pretty boring I think. So yes, most of the people I find myself wanting to be with are considerably different to me.
  • Yes, in some ways opposites attract.
  • Yes, my husband in many ways was my complete opposite. he was very friendly and outgoing, the life and soul of the party type that everyone loved. At the same time he was similar in that he was a great listener and doer.We were very well tuned mentally and knew what each other were thinking although it may not always be the same thing.
  • Yes. Wealthy.
  • yes it can be good because they can create balance.
  • No.."totally your opposite"..that means there is no agreement on anything. How can that be good? Some differences, yes...but everything? I don't think so. :)
  • Yep! WOAH then it would be like put together your a whole person! :o
  • i am with someone who is my total opposite. and yea it gets annoying sometimes but we compliment each other a LOT of the time
  • In my opinion I think it all depends on whether or not you like the qualities that are opposite from yours lol. But in general i dont believe they work out in the long run =[. In relationships like and like attract.
  • Yes but most of the opposites I met weren't really respectful or considerate.
  • Yes, I'm with him now. I'm a spender, he's a saver, I'm more spontaneous, he's a planner, I like to have activities planned, he wants to leave the weekends completely open... In any relationship there is compromise and we do our best. I try to relax more and he tries to be more time conscious. Some days its tough!
  • No, I nave not, I can`t betray, be greedy, lie ans so on
  • No, I think to some degree you have to have some common intrests and similarities... even though Ive recently dated someone who was more like me than anyone I've ever dated. I find myself deeple drawn to him for those reasons but for the reasons were diffrent I can barely stand him.
  • Be as in be? Or be as in have-sex? If the latter, heck yeah! many times!
  • Yes. Infact, I'm dating him now. I'm a planner, he's spontanious. I like to look professional, he wears track pants on a daily basis. I like action movies, he likes commedies. I like basic foods, he likes complicated dishes. My friends are the type to stay at home discussing a good book, his are the ones out hitting the bar followed by a game of poker. I love him because hes so different than me. He's opened my eyes to a whole new world

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