• apart from where those originated from? The most characteristic differenses is how the characters are drawn and the use of certain elements, like the "action-stripes" used in anime to indicate action/speed etc. anime also have more facial mimics and a more comlex story (nothing is black/white - easy to symphatise with even the "bad" guys), which also makes it a bit harder to understand, whereas the story in a cartoon is simple and therefore easy entertaining. there were a few differences..don't know how good I put it, though...perhaps you should try wikipedia?
  • well anime is more for adults or teens and cartoons is for little kids and anime is much better ;D
  • well anime is more for adults or teens and cartoons is for little kids and anime is much better ;D
  • yeah anime is japanese animation but also i think anime is a type of genre for cartoons.
  • In my experience (specifically from the mouths of both westerners and those born in Asia) the difference is characterized by the culture you ask. If you ask a Japanese person, the two are the same because the idea for modern anime came from the first cartoons. Westerners tend to feel that cartoons are inherently less complicated, have different drawing styles, ect. In truth, the difference is only in perspective. Of course there are major differences between anime and classic western cartoons but the seperation only developed over time. Someone one day didn't just say, 'Well I feel like making something different, and since I was born in Japan I'll make it this way and then start a new genre.' It all developed over time, so the difference is how determine it since there still exists no strict definition for the difference.
  • The real answer is: Cartons are meant to entertain and "make you laugh" fr short period of episodes and have no actual storyline, and of course are poorly drawn and have very little detailed caracteristics. ANime is supposed to "teach and entertain'" an audience within one storyline(and sometimes 2) for a long(or short) period of episodes.
  • I think anime has a wider age range for it's audience than cartoons, which are aimed at children
  • first is their style in drawing second is the story-telling style
  • the big eyes? lol..........i get mad when people say cartoons are aimed at kids. what about the simpsons, family guy, king of the hill, and american dad?.......they are all adult oriented!!!......and @hector the simpsons has been around for for 2 decades and is still just as funny today as it was when it came out, imo
  • I think Anime is not just Japanese. It seems like American are trying to imitate the Japanese anime style. Like in Batman: Gotham Knights it uses Japanese anime style, but i think that we are also starting to so more of the japanese style in are own cartoons. So can Anime really just be limited to Japan? I think alot of the Marvel and DC direct to videos can count as american anime at its finest, but that is just my opinion.

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