• The Do: Return or sell the Motorcycle The Don't: Don't keep it or use it. Motorcycles are just an "asking for trouble" piece of equipment. When I was in the Navy they were called "murdercycles".
  • Be extra careful on cobble stones!
  • I would only recommend a motorcycle to someone who already has a lot of street-time in a car and is good at reading traffic and knowing the safest moves. It would take 20 pages to go through just some of the techniques specific to riding a motorcycle. Basically, you have to attain the control skills necessary to put the bike where it needs to be at any moment. (in traffic) Then there is slow-speed control. A basic rider course (required in some states for a license) teaches just that-the basics. Operation, control, avoiding hazards. There are hours of online videos that teach advanced skills. Some "never forgets" - Always (ALWAYS) "Headcheck" before changing lanes. (Turn your head and look back for cars instead of trusting your mirror.) Always ride as if you are invisible. Never assume that car drivers see you. A motorcycle is Not always visible in a car side mirror. ATGATT (All the gear, all the time) Boots, helmet, heavy protective jacket, gloves) Never ride beyond your skill level.
  • Not a whole lot of love here for scooters, huh? I've been riding over 20 years. The two best pieces of advice that I can offer is : 1 - never ride over your skill level (if you're new, don't ride fast) 2 - Always keep an eye out for road hazards and other vehicles (you have to watch out for dumb ass drivers). In my experience, you're biggest threat is going to be from people who don't see you driving in their cars. Good luck, enjoy the wind therapy and keep your two wheels on the road.
  • The Do's - Make sure you buy an expensive protective helmet, and wear appropriate leathers, as these alone, could decide whether you live or die in an accident, and most motorcyclists will have at least one accident during their time on the road, as car users are not very vigilant at spotting motorbikes. The Don'ts, in the same theme, ever risk going out without appropriate clothing, not unless you want to look like corn beef, the amount of young riders I see without leathers, especially in the summer is ridiculous. Enjoy. Motorcyclist do end up very good car drivers, as they spot everything on the road and look into the distance at a much further rate due to the speeds they do, my partner spots all sorts of things in the road now because he road motorbikes, he has had three motorbike accidents all non fault but is paying for it now he is older, but ask him if he'd do things different, he'd give you a big "No!"
    • Archie Bunker
      I'm one of the folks you see riding around with a cut off shirt and a baseball hat on in the summer. But I do agree about there being two types of riders.... those who have wrecked and those who haven't wrecked yet.
  • Learn how to use leverage so you can pick it up off you.
  • Consistently wear a motorcycle helmet. Obey the street signs , traffic lights and every other law to drive safely. Don't showoff. eg no wheelies or other tricks. Please drive safely.
  • Always wear a helmet and protective gear.
  • Avoid gravel. Common source of motorcycle accident is gravel lying in the corner of the road. In the case of a gravel road, drive SLOWLY and CAREFULLY. Helmet ought to go without saying. I recommend a full-face helmet - keeps your brains in your skull and the bugs out of your face. (Check out RevZilla for safety-rated helmets. Look for one that is not only high-rated for safety, but also boasts excellent ventilation)
  • stay safe,many die riding motor bikes cause cars cant see them easy

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