• The distributor is on the back of the engine (that's the side that the transmission hooks up to). You will need a socket set and a paint marker (you might need a screw driver too). Remove the distributor cap (if the distributor cap is good you can leave the plug wires attached) carefully mark the rotor and the distributor so that you can easily see exactly how the two aligned while attached to the engine. trace an outline around the base of the distributor where it fits into the block so that when you remove the distributor you will be able to clearly see exactly how it sat on the engine. remove the bolts that secure the distributor to the engine. Give the distributor a light twist and pull hard directly away from the engine. Realign the rotor and distributor as they were aligned previously. Make note of relative position of the splines/forks on the back side of the distributor that fit into the engine. align your replacement distributor and rotor so that it matches the old one exactly. mark the correct alignment. Making sure that it is still aligned. insert the new distributor into the engine and lightly hand tighten the screws. Make sure that the screws are just tight enough to hold the distributor in place but loose enough to rotate it with ease. Make sure that the rotor is still properly aligned. make sure that the distributor is sitting against the engine block exactly how the old one was. Double check the rotor alignment and tighten the screws so that the distributor is snug but so that you can still rotate the distributor with some effort. double check the rotor alignment and put the cap back on. start the engine and give it some gas by manipulating the throttle body at the engine compartment. If the engine doesn't sound right, slowly and carefully rotate the distributor until it engine sounds like it should and tighten the bolts so that it can't be rotated any more. close the hood and go for a drive. you can adjust the timing by rotating the distributor if it still doesn't seem quite right.

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