• No, but I would like to know how.
  • I haven't but I think it would go something like this. "This is a Charter Arms "Bulldog 44". It doesn't make a very big hole going into your head but the exit wound, ah, the exit wound is going to be huge!"
  • Luckily yes. At the time, I had a very large girlfriend who could have easily held me down.
  • In away I did. The guy who was abusing my brother tried to get to me. He let his siter and me play in his room, but we couldn't turn on the light. I refused to leave the doorway. When he threatened to beat me with a stirrup iron and leather he had hanging on his wall for not doing what he told me too I ran up the basement stairs. I told him if he hit me I'd tell our Papa. I then called home and had Papa come get me. Guess he didn't count on me being so damn slippery at 6. I did have to do the same thing with a stepdad. He was trying to get me to freanch kiss him when I was 10. I refused and demanded to be taken to my Papa's house. I even called my mom at work just to prove how serious I was. He never touched me again. The sad thing is I never told anyone what happened till years later. And I really should have. I will always a have a nagging guilt that I might have put someone else in danger by keeping my mouth shut.
  • I am a man and I never was raped. But I have a female friend who was. She was terrible closed to talk about the events. It was a big work to get her to say a word, but I did not gave up. "What did he say?" "Where did he stand?" "What did he wear on?" etcetc..later "How did you noticed his erection?", "How did he took away his dick?", How did it looked like?" "Was it big or small"..etcetc.. at the and of the conversation the woman was laughing because he realised that the man who raped her was a stupid one, with a lot of abject qualities.
  • yes, it was this one big black girl she realy liked me but i didnt know her and she didnt talk to me and she was kind of a stalker finally after a year she followed me home after jrotc training and i was worn out, no one was home when i got there so i went to my room and laid on my bed. i heard the door open so i thought it was my half brother quindell, i thought if he needed me he would call me so i laid there and i heard some one walk up to my bed so wen i opened my eyes it was her, i tried to get up but she pushed me back down and i was still tired from jrotc and she was big, she tried to kiss me and did a couple of times then tried to pull my shorts down. i was holding her try ing to talk her out of it and basically i told her to meet me later and i would give wat she wanted, after an hour it finally convinced her so i did, told her if i did she couldn't bother me again she agreed. we went to her place shut the lights out and she wanted to get kinky with some handcuffs so i cuffed her soon as i did i left and kept my eye on her ever since and the next year i didn't see he.
  • Sometimes talk doesnt work..but if you make the knee bend the opposite way than it was intended to very well :)
  • I was told about a woman that was on a subway train alone. Two men got cornered her on the train, and she didn't know what to do, but for some reason she just started barking like a dog. Really loud. The two guys were thrown off by this and left. Guess they didn't want to assault a woman they thought to be crazy.
  • Yes. I was out very late one night because we were overseas and I was calling my friend who was Stateside. When I was walking the 2 blocks back to the place I was staying I ran into someone who was a DJ at a local club, so I knew who he was, he knew who I was. He started asking if I wanted to go to this afterhours club and I said no. He started insisting and pulling on my arm. Since I had no training and wore maybe a size 3 at the time I was getting very alarmed... he was pulling very hard. I actually took some steps where he was pulling me off the road. Suddenly I told him, hey maybe that would be a good idea, gave him a hug, and told him I'd call my friend, she's waiting and maybe she'll go with us. He forced a kiss on me and said it sounded good. I grabbed him by the hand, took a couple of steps, twisted my hand around and ran my long legs off. I still get a shiver, he was drunk as a skunk and obviously had no sense at the time.
  • I didn't exactly talk, since I had laryngitis at the time. But I had a notepad next to me and was writing everything down. My neighbor (married) was drunk and coming on to me, and I kept saying no. He even got as far as stripping himself naked, didn't take much to do that since he was wearing only gym shorts in the first place. I wrote down "Go any farther and it's rape." He stopped. Even though he was drunk off his you-know-what, I think he realized I was writing all this down as it was happening, and he would have had one hell of a case against him.
  • I do not know if he would have raped me or not, I was at a party and started getting the spins so I went to the back bedroom to lay down I practicly lived in the apt with these people so I knew they would not mind. A guy from the party came in and lay next to me... Didn't really bother me so I did not say anything. Then he started to cuddle me a bit. Didn't really bother me so I didn't say anything. Then he tried to put his hand down my pants. THIS BOTHERED ME. I told him to stop....And then comes the come on baby I think you so pretty,,I say no he keeps going I try to move his hand he won't move it I am not strong enough to move it He says just let it happen he starts to pull my pants down and out of no where I just screamed I have herpes!!! It was summer and I always get heat rash on my inner thighs (I have thunder thighs) so he beleived me and left the room. He told everyone that the whore with herpes tried to have sex with him... Nobody knew what the hell he was talking about.
  • Unfortunately no but since I was raped, I have thought about it a lot in order to have the best chance possible to avoid it happening again. The best thing I have come up with so far is to say that you're newly pregnant.
  • No, I have never been successful in talking my way out of sexual assault.
  • I tried to talk my rapist out of it and i begged him to stop but he wouldnt.
  • I have never been sexually assaulted, however a good family friend was recently raped and she begged him to stop and not to hurt her, but he did it anyways. So sorry this happened to you.
  • actually i have, when i was younger i snuck out of my house to my best friends party that i was forbbidden to go to... once i got there i was refusing drinks left and right. one really nice guy offered me a can of iced tea i happily agreed so i followed him to the fridge and watched as he pulled out one. he opened it and handed it to me. i drank it as we talked and everything was fine, maybe 30 mins later i was finished and he asked if i wanted another i said okay. i "trusted him" by now and allowed him to bring me the can. i drank it and started to feel "drunk" i guess but i have never been drunk so i really dont know what that feels like. but i felt light headed and almost numb. he asked if i was okay and took me to lay down. as soon as i hit the bed he began feeling me up. i was scared and couldnt really think so i asked if i could give him oral sex... i practically begged and he smiled and said yes. once he was derobes i grabbed his tool so hard and yanked and he screamed so that a passerby walked in and assesed the situation, luckily for me i got driven home and was completly okay.
  • iv have never had to talk my way out of that kind of situation. but if i thought i was goin to get raped i always said i would claim i had aids.

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