• I've always thought that the rule was that you have to be a legal resident, whether by Greencard or visa. Not an illegal immigrant.
  • Good question. I believe that anyone holding a winning ticket can claim the prize so long at it's done within 180 days. I don't believe that's limited to U.S. Citizens.
  • It would depend if in the stipulations that only American citizens or residents qualify.If it is not listed in the requirements they are legally bound to pay the winner no matter what country they are from .
  • If you are a non-US citizen and buy a lottery ticket while you are here and win you can collect the money. Many illegal aliens (non-citizens here illegally) win all the time. I certainly don't see why someone visiting can't do the same.
  • Absolutely.
  • Yes I believe you can claim the prize.You would however have to pay taxes on it here and your home country may ask you to declare it as income on your taxes.Good luck!
  • Unless the rules say that you have to be a citizen to win.

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