• i took the british red cross first aid course in april, ive also got an immediate life support certificate too. im a nurse aswell but would still be freaky to come accross someone requiring cpr! ive dealt with other accidents eg rta's!
  • Last spring, although the one I actually give any credit to is the First Responder course I took last Fall. Amazing course taught by a crazy ex-Park Ranger/Peace Officer/Paramedic with my Search and Rescue team. Since then, I've become really interested in pre-hospital care, and try to keep myself prepared for emergencies.
  • Long time ago, but I keep up with things. Yes, I would be prepared to help, and have done.
  • A few weeks ago I got recertified by the Red Cross in both CPR & First Aid. Hopefully I will be prepared to help if needed.
  • It has been about 10 years, but I grew up in scouts, so I heard it often. I later had first aid classes as part of my profession. I've been able to respond to several accidents of my children and I've been the first to a car after two accidents. The more you are exposed, the easier it is to react. I do think I am prepared.
  • About 30 years ago when I worked as a bartender. I would definitely try to help.
  • It was in summer 1995. I passed it easily, certificate has since expired (lasts only 3 years I think) but if it was needed I could still make a basic bandage from a scarf ect, put someone in the recovery position or give mouth to mouth/chest compressions.
  • I took CPR certification training last June at Scout Camp. I like to keep myself up to date on first aid because I never know when I might need such skills.
  • A few months ago. I have it every year at my workplace. I think everyone should.
  • About 8 months ago, I have to re take it every 12 months for work, and yes I would help.
  • I took basic life support for health care workers last year. I would be prepared to help if needed.
  • it was a few months ago, I think I would be able to help!!
  • yeah I have done a few of them over the years ...the last one was with St Johns Ambulance in Sydney ...and two days later I had to put it to good use when a fellow work mate was run over by a fork lift ..silly dick !, afterward the hospital rang work and said I had done a first class job which I thought was cool
  • Only the one we had in 9th grade. No I have never had to use it.
  • I have to keep a current first aid and CPR certification for my job, but thankfully I've never been in a situation that I've needed to use it.
  • Yeah I did when I was young. But I've never used it in real life. I've actually forgotten it already =(
  • Last few weeks i've had a First Aid course at school. Need to do a test on it this Monday, which will include at least Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) (
  • I had a refresher about 4 years ago I know I need another but have been around hospitals quite a lot of the time since . Yes I would be prepared to help somebody if necessary.
  • I toko one at college the begining of this year :] I would be confident enuf to do some things but not everything. ive already forgotten how manny compressions and breaths? hmm i think it might be 30 to 2 breaths? maybe
  • I took CPR and First Aid classes last week to get my Daycare license. It has changed again so I would advise everyone to take it again. It changes, on average, about every two years!:)
  • I took my First aid and CPR course last year for my licensing. Thought I would be prepared if I ever had to use it. Never thought I would have to use it though, then on June 16th of 2007 I did have to use my training. It is much different working on a dummy than on a little girl, alot more riding on you. Hope none of you ever needs to use your training.
  • It's been years and I have forgotten much. I used to get certified and used to be a certified Lifeguard as well in my teens and 20s. I was just talking to someone about needing to go back and get retrained as I know things have changed and updated. Different state also means different agencies, so it will take some doing I think :-)
  • yes actually i teach 1st aid and an EMT course along with riding on an ambulance crew yes I'm well prepared
  • I last took a first aid refresher course in February, which covered updates to standard procedure, and practice using the Automated External Defibrilators. Very informative course!
  • In my JROTC Battalion it is a requirement that i learn First Aid (Heat/Cold weather injuries also) So every year we (re)learn first aid and practice (including military bandages). So im prepared for anything from a broken arm to trench-foot =D. Non surgical treatments though.
  • last year im still qualified untill september when i have to retake my level 1
  • I graduated from my EMT course back in September, and have continued education nearly daily. I'd say Im very well prepared, and plan to upgrade to Medic via real college at the start of the coming year.

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