• I though it was kinda crap. All the romance near the end was totally stupid. Elizabeth swan should have got with Captain Jack Sparrow.
  • It was so NOT only you. The first one was the only good one.
  • Well, I didn't get to see it theatres the the rest of the world, it seems. So when I finally sat down to watch it I was kind of disappointed but not for the same reasons as you. Norington died, which I was mad about, Elizabeth gets on my nerves because of how snobby she is and then they make her a Pirate Captain and Pirate King, not to mention. THEN, I thought there was going to be this whole big thing with Calypso but there wasn't. She got big, rained down craps and then disappeared. I thought it was centering on her just to become confused all over again! It seemed like it was everywhere to me.
  • I didn't care for it! It was pretty lame.
  • NO, I most certainly thought it was a fantastic movie, and went to it 3 times in the theater. I have also bought the DVD, which I watch when I get the chance.

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