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  • There is an interesting article written by a young man here, that experienced the same problem:,3605,659196,00.html He details where he went for advice, what he was told - what his options were, etc. And it also tells what he did. Essentially, though, I can sum up for you what you probably don't want to hear: The only "real treatment" is surgery. Obviously, if this is a real problem for you, and if surgery is the viable course of action, you WILL need to tell your parents. I can't give you much advice, since I don't know your parents, but since men are rather fond of their genitals, and want to protect them at all costs, I'm sure talking to your dad might be easier than your mom. However, moms are very concerned about their children's well-being (usually), so if you are comfortable talking to her about it, I'm sure she'd get you to the doctor ASAP. Either way, both of your parents will know about it eventually, so I would advise not waiting to tell them. As awkward as it is, it's probably not as painful as any issues caused by your F.B.

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