• jump on it
  • Yeah, stomp on them really hard.
  • I live with my bf and due to circumstances we can't bugbomb the house just yet, and the little bastards are EVERYWHERE. The bait traps weren't doing much and bugspray makes me sick, so I read this somewhere and decided to try it. I got a small spraybottle (8 oz.) and put maybe 1/3 tsp. of dish soap (really just a few drops) in it, and I swirled it around until it was mixed up evenly. I fire that at every roach I see. Well, it takes a minute or so, but a wet roach is a dead one. If I see a bunch of 'em I set the bottle to 'spray' and if there's one too far to reach I set it to 'stream'. It's quick and doesn't hurt most surfaces, and best of all IT DOESN'T SMELL DISGUSTING. If you get it on your skin it doesn't matter- just rinse it off. It won't hurt your clothes either. Just don't let pets or small children ingest it- but that's just common sense. I'll be happier when we finally get this place professionally exterminated, but as an interim measure this mild soap solution works pretty well.
  • With your shoe.
  • This is very effective. After one use you will notace a HUGE difference. It's called Combat Roach Killing Gel
  • Get some Borax, it's sold in all pharmacies. It's a white powder, looks like flower. It will kill Ants, Roaches, and most other bugs. Just sprinkle a little around the cabinets and other problem areas. WARNING: Don't use if you have house pets. It's safe for humans, but may be harmful to animals.
  • If you live in a rental property, it's their legal responsibility to have someone come and fumigate. If it's owned property the best way to help rid, is having an exterminator come out, as it's the best way to get into cracks & crevices, and in between walls where they live. Bombs are only half effective.
  • You can do one of two things. 1. Show them a picture of Dr.Laura, they will all die of heartattack from looking at her face (which can kill anything) 2. Start charging them rent. once they have to stat paying to live at your place they will move out ASAP.
  • definatly NOT nuclear bombs. i tried that and now i have a blinky from simpsons
  • I use powder soap (any kind) and spread it where the roaches may crawl through. I have always found dead roaches at the office I visit once a week in a nearby town. Cheap and effective although not too good looking at the powdered floor.

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