• 120 * .70 = 84 95 * 1 = 95 The Ice Beam will do more damage overall... plus it's more reliable.
  • I would teach your Gyrados Ice Beam (Using the method Black Knight and Mars Jenka have just taught me). As for which pokemon... correct me if I'm wrong, but I think they are pretty equal stat wise, and I think Riachu looks a lot cooler. All in all, I would go for Riachu.
  • erm...both on a gyarados would be completely pointless, as its special attack is crap. give it ice fang, because despite having less overall attack, in the long run gyarados' attack is almost double its special attack. for electric types, it depends what u want in them? but ive gone for jolteon. amazing speed and special attack!
  • i think you should teach it ice beam it gets more powerful as you pokemon grows. i also think you should go with ampharos. (note: you dont have to do what i say the things i tell you are just SUGGESTIONS!)
  • I would say neither. Gyarados is meant to attack with physical and not special power. Although I dopn't like Ice Fang, you may want to use it for an ice move, or avalanche if it can learn it. As for the other question, if you are using them on the same team, Electivire would be more beneficial that either of your choices, as you can take advantage of Gyarados' double weakness to electricity, switching to Electivire and making it more powerful with it's Motor Drive ability. If you are not, Raichu is best attacking fast and hitting hard, but Ampharos can take more damage. It depends on your team, and how you can balance it out.
  • Ice Beam. As I said to a related question with fire blast and flamethrower. Reliability over power. As for the elictric thing. I would go with Ampharos. It has a better build from mareep and Flaffy to ampharos. For that matter I think Mareep is better than Pikachu. So if it's stats u want go fo ampharos. If you want looks, Raichu
  • equip your gyarados with an item called wide lens and teach it blizzard. the wide lens is an item that increases the accuracy of your pokemon so it's a perfect combo with those power-packed but inaccurate moves. choosing between raichu and ampharos depends on what stats you value the most. if you want speed coupled with equal attack and special attack then choose raichu. if you want special attack coupled with equal health and attack then choose ampharos. personally i would choose raichu because its stats are more balanced and it can learn a wider variety of attacks.
  • Answering the first question, I agree with Black Knight. As well as accuracy vs. power, there's also the question of PP. Blizzard only has 5, and unless you're willing to use a limited resource, the power simply isn't worth it. On the second question, I'd catch my own Pikachu and use a Thunderstone, as Ampharos is (a) a lvl-up-to-evolve and (b) rare.
  • Definateley ice beam because accuracy is so key and so is the pp of the move. Ice beam has better of both. And it is hardly weaker. Probably ampharos. He can learn a variety of moves and is also faster. learning different move types is key in facing opponents with a balanced team.
  • Ice Beam, for sure. That is my favorite move. If you teach it to a Pokemon that is Ice type (Weavile is a good one), it will have STAB, which will make up for it's lesser damage. Besides, 70% is terrible. It's also strong against Dragon types, which are popular in competetive play, and double effective against most of the stronger one's like Dragonite, Garchomp, and Salamence. But, if you want a Gyarados to have an Ice move, you should let it learn Ice Fang naturally, since Gyarados does much better with Physical attacks than Special attacks. As for Raichu or Ampharos, Ampharos has significantly better stats than Raichu, but is very slow for an Electric type. Raichu has better Attack, but Ampharos has even better Special Attack, and since Electric types are mostly Special attackers, it makes Ampharos better. Also, Raichu has very low Defense, which makes it even weaker to Physical moves like Earthquake which kick it's ass already.
  • Blizzard It hits both in double battle, more powerful and you can buy it in the veilstone shop so you're not wasting a TM.

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