• it would get really bright.
  • "light would bounce forever in a room made of perfect mirrors. A perfect mirror reflects all of the light incident on it according to the laws of classical optics. There is no loss through either transmission of the light or conversion of light energy into another form (atomic vibrations, etc.). However, this scenario breaks down when real mirrors are used. Since mirrors are made of atoms, and not perfectly-flat perfectly-reflecting surfaces, all of the light is not reflected. Thus, light will not bounce forever if we use real mirrors, the light intensity would decrease with each bounce." Source:
  • The instinctive answer is that the light would continue indefinitely, but the source of the light, and the holder thereof, are both opaque and would eventually be in the path of the light. It may be quite bright, but it could never become infinitely so, even if the mirrors are perfectly reflective.
  • I believe you gave it away - the torch is now lit. I am sure a lot of other events would happen at the same time but really don't have any information to go on as to which ones and where you are concerned about. +5

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