• my grandmother died from bladder grandfather died from lung cancer
  • My 2 dads died within 6 months of each other last year, lung cancer and stomach cancer, my auntie breast cancer 6 months before that! A friend of mine still has leukeamia and is in remission for now.
  • I know a lot of people who have had cancer but only two of them died from it. My husband's Uncle Robert and my dad's Aunt Enez. Most of the people I know who had or have cancer lived or are still fighting it.
  • Many family members, including my mother. Many friends over the yrs. Colon & skin cancer can be beat if detected early.
  • My mother - liver cancer - died. My nans best friend Freddy - lung cancer - died. Kevin - friend at meditation class - cancer but now all clear. Nicholas - a classmate - had 5 malignant tumours on the brain, and then somehow survived and is now all clear !
  • 3 that have died from it, my mother and 2 family friends. 3 that have had it and survived, including a 16 yr old that was not expected to live, and suddenly made a comeback. He was given up for dead 2 yrs ago, and is doing fine today.
  • my grand father died of cancer my uncle Norman had cancer but committed suicide my cousin Robbert died of cancer my cousin Norman died of cancer my brother Ray has cancer. recently removed. uncided results my friend Steve has cancer under traetment My friends daughter had cancer (a true miracle recovery) 4 deaths 2 undecided results 1 cured.
  • One. It was one too many. I used to play with her when she was a baby. 29...
  • My grandfather died of cancer. It was malignant and slowly choked him to death. I think that's the worst way to go..
  • 2 I think my mom is a hospice nurse she knows of 100's
  • I have cancer. Stage iv vulvar cancer. i am in remission. i had a complete vulvarectomy and all the removal of my inguinal lymph nodes. I had radiation, i was burned and now i have problems with diarrhea. My dad died of lung cancer, my grandmother died of kidney cancer, my uncle died of lung cancer, my aunt survived colon cancer. I hate cancer. I pray for all of those people whom have died and the survivors and the people in remission. I try to keep a positive attitude, and a healthy lifestyle. jandibarn
  • my aunt who died from breast cancer, both my grandpas-one with lung cancer (dead) the onther with bone (still living), and my 4
  • I know a lot of people with cancer. More than 50.
  • I know and loved to many that passed away of cancer. My father being one of them.
  • Just 1. Grandmother from lung cancer.
  • i know six who have or had cancer, two died
  • 1, my Father in-law battled it for close to 10 years but the cancer had overcome his right lung (smoked for close to 50 years)He passed away when he was 85. I had more respect for that man than my own father.
  • 4: Uncle - Brain Cancer - Died. Aunt - Throat Cancer - Died. Family Friend - Lung Cancer (non-smoking related, spread to her whole body) - Died. Family Friend (age 16) - Ovarian Cancer - Lived.
  • I've know a few people with cancer. Two of them died and they were both girls under 25. One was in junior high.
  • co-worker - leukemia - still hanging on family friend - malignant tumor on soft palate - cancer free 5 years Father - lung cancer - died 2002 paternal aunt - bone cancer - died 2001 co-worker's 5 yr. old - leukemia - died 1993 maternal grandfather - liver cancer - died 1990 paternal grandfather - Hodgkins Disease - died 1989 maternal cousin - testicular cancer - cancer free 30 years maternal aunt - pancreatic cancer - died 1975 maternal aunt - breast cancer - cancer free 30+ years
  • Too many.
  • Three family members died from cancer. One of my friends died 2 years ago from liver cancer. Another friend is currently suffering from liver cancer. At least two of my co-workers had cancer surgery.
  • My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer back in '08; she had a double mastectomy though and is now cancer free. She had an older sister who got it as well back in the 90s, but she died. Her grandmother got it too
  • My grandpa. ♥ R.I.P Grandpa (1940-2016) ♥ We will love and remember you always.

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