• a vegan is somebody not eating animal products somebody who does not eat meat, fish, dairy products, or eggs. a vegetarian is somebody not eating meat or fish somebody who eats vegetables, fruits, grains, seeds, and usually eggs and dairy products, but not meat or fish
  • Basically all vegans are vegetarians, but not all vegetarians are vegans. There are different degrees of vegetarianism, and vegan is the most extreme in removal of animal matter from the diet. A vegan will not consume any animal matter at all, not even honey. Some non-vegan vegitarians will consume dairy products, some will consume eggs, some quazi-vegetarians only cut out mammal products and will still consume fish and poultry. Some go to the raw vegan extreme, they will not consume any animal product and will not consume anything cooked, or even warmed up ... some will not tolerate animal "fabric" such as fur or silk or wool ... ... it all depends on just how veggie their vegitarianism is ...
  • yeah, but i don't know why! lol
  • a vegetarian won't eat meat. A vegan won't eat fish, any dairy, wear leather shoes, or any of that sort. I'd know cause I'm vegetarian.
  • Vegans not only do not eat meat, dairy or eggs, but do not wear, consume or buy ANY product that was made from an animal. Where as vegetarians have nothing against wearing anything, and usually consume milk, eggs, and sometimes even chicken or fish. Which, as a vegan, I don't get why it's not okay to eat a cow but it's fine to eat a fish.
  • A vegan refrains from meat and also dairy products. A standard vegetarian will consume dairy.
  • Vegetarians will not eat meat. Vegans will eat no animal products whatsoever: milk, cheese, eggs etc.
  • I believe that vegans exclude any animal products from their diet..Vegetarians exclude meat: vegans also exclued dairy products-cheese, milk, eggs...I think?
  • I do not know, but leave them stranded in the desert for a couple of days with no food, then throw a piece of steak at them, you might see the difference then. =P j/k
  • Vegans don't eat dairy and egg products. Some even don't eat honey or cane sugar. SImply put, they don't use ANY animal product. Vegetarians just don't eat meat. Some may eat fish. They eat dairy products and eggs. Vegetarians that don't eat milk or eggs are called ovo-lacto vegetarians.
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  • Lacto-Ovo-Vegetarian: Does not eat meat but does consume eggs and dairy products. Lacto-Vegetarian: Does not eat eggs or meat but does consume dairy products. Ovo-Vegetarian: Does not eat dairy products or meat but does consume eggs. Vegan: Does not eat meat, eggs or dairy products. Fruitarian: Only eats fruit and nuts that naturally fall from trees. Ususally they also only drink fresh stream water.
  • vegans know enough to fly on the inside of airplanes and eat no animal products.
  • In my experience, vegans constantly have to tell everyone that they are vegan, and vegetarians don't seem to mention it too much.
  • For the record, great question. I was about to ask it because I didn't know and was curious but your question came up as having been asked.
  • A vegan doesn't eat any animal products - including dairy products such as milk, cheese, yoghurt. A vegetarian will eat dairy products.
  • One is more anal than the other
  • Vegans eat no animal or animal products and vegetarians still eat products that come from animals such as milk and butter and cheese. Vegans are veg only!
  • My understanding is that a vegetarian may eat some dairy or fish, etc. A vegan eats nothing but vegies and vegie products.
  • Vegetarains Only eat None animal products, which includes vegetables, Dairy etc. we DO NOT eat fish, the whole defination of a vegetarian is to not hard animals. people who eat fish aswell are called peskatarians Vegans do not eat anything to do with animals, they purely eat vegetables. no dairy
  • A Pescetarian eats fish but no other meat. A Vegetarian (Lacto/ovo) Eats eggs and Dairy along with veggies (no fish). A Vegan will only eat non-meat product items. That means no eggs or dairy or fish.

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