• Great save. I haven't watched the show in years. My curiousity will get me and I will have to Tivo it to see how Drew does. P.S. So glad they yanked the other question :-)
  • Only if barker's beauty are called Carey's Call Girls
  • I'll watch at least once to see what the show's like with Drew hosting.
  • I have always thought that one either loves Drew Carrey or hates him. I believe people will watch "Price is right" at least once when Drew becomes the host. Each person watching will have to decide if the show still merits watching without Bob as its host.
  • Wow - This is news to me. My gut instinct (as to how well he will do the job) is not so good. Drew Carrey is a very talented smart-ass - meaning his comic ability comes from the fact that he is good at making fun of himself and others really well. Bob Barker - on the other hand - has none of this comic quality. Bob is more charismatic and easy going (which is why everyone loves him) - It will be interesting to see how he does with it - so yes - I will watch for sure.
  • For the curiosity factor. Already life him on the Power of Ten. Too bad that's on the same time as most outrageous videos.

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