• It isn't hard to grasp, only that it is not proven, but still only a theory. there is a big difference between scientific proof and a mere theory. there are too many holes in the theory for it to fully be proven. I think there are pieces of evolution that take place, but when has it actually been shown that a fish can become a reptile or an amphibian become a mammal? THe pieces missing between in the theory are very wide apart.
    • AskingForaFriend
      Not trying to be rude or anything, but, you are misunderstanding what a scientific theory is and also evolution in general. Did you know that a scientific theory is better understood and backed up by more facts than a scientific law?
    • Jewels Vern
      Every time you try to make evolution conform to scientific principles, they object "You don't understand how it works!" At some point we just have to face the verdict: It doesn't work!
  • The people who fail to accept the possibility of evolution are those that take the scriptural account of creation as literal truth. The scriptural account of creation does not allow for the amount of time required for evolution to occur. So, evolution and a literal interpretation of the creation are mutually exclusive. So, one must choose to believe one or the other. Personally, I take the middle ground. I take the the scriptural account of creation as being symbolic rather than literal. This allows me to accept the possibility that God could have used evolution in the work of creation. Now, in writing this, don't think that I am criticizing anyones beliefs on this subject. We are all entitled to believe as we wish.
    • Jewels Vern
      This is bullshit same as evolution is bullshit. It is very hard to find someone who has actually read the scriptural account, and almost impossible to get anyone to read what is written. Almost everybody looks at the pages and recites the bullshit they heard from some random source. For starters, the bible says "In the beginning" and then people say no, it was six days. The bible uses the word just three times in Genesis chapter one, but people say God created something every day. That's why the evolutionists have such an easy war: people would rather make up their own version, rather than adhere to what God said.
  • Scientists have discovered that the cellular structure that make up humans are very different than the structure of fish or birds. In tv shows and movies are mutations ever constructive? I mean look at the series "Elfen Lied", that series was nuts. I've seen pictures of mutated ducks, how would that benefit the species? Also how would an animal - that have no reasoning ability - decide what to change or remove? Also what would cause these changes? On a closing point: How can you get living matter out of non-living matter? IMO the evolution theory leads to more questions than it answers.
  • 8-9-2017 Why do supporters of evolution offer insults instead of science? Every bit of scientific evidence so far has been shown to be a hoax. The only reason evolution is still tolerated is that evolutionists have control over grant funds, so students either pretend to believe or they get their support someplace else. If it were not for the money, evolution would go back to being just a bad joke like it used to be.

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