• Students should be presented with the best set of facts we have available and also be taught how to independently verify those facts using their own tools. For example, as a physic student, I was taught that the speed of light is 299 792 458 m/s. Then, we measured it - multiple times, multiple methods. I think that's really the best way to internalize a fact (see it for yourself).
  • Both, of practical necessity. * Indoctrination is by far the most prevalent form of education. Again: by necessity. * For example: you don't want to have to prove - say - the value of pi to a fourth grade student. For example: you don't want to have to prove - by statistical analysis - that each word in a second-grade vocabulary lesson actually means what is claimed in the lesson. * So: being told what to think is a practical necessity in almost all circumstances. * But teaching students how to think is also very advantageous for the student and for society as a whole.
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      Agreed! Teach the kids pi to 3 decimal places in 4th grade. In 5th grade add more decimal places. In 6th grade, have them derive Eurler's formula, err, I mean, have them measure pi for themselves.
  • No. It is wrong for anyone including a teacher or someone of authority to make others think about something. Each person has their own mind and they are capable of thinking for themselves. We are born with a brain and use it in different ways so the thinking process is for each individual and should not be forced by another person. Students learn a subject through communication and should not be forced into someone else’s thinking.
  • That's what the education system is for, indoctrination, they don't want independent thinkers, they want obedient students, in order to have obedient adults. That's why they aren't taught about money or to question, the banking and political system, or the economy ideology.
  • They should be taught about consequences and how to take responsibility. Too many young folk think they can do whatever they want out on the streets and then they use their age as a free pass or to lower the severity of their consequences because it works and they always get a slap on the wrist. Looting, violence, just being a menace to society is met with a slap on the wrist, people need to bring these kids down and give them adult charges, they will change their tune quick!
  • I think students beginning in high school should be taught how to think and not what to think. The latter sounds like mind control imho. Thinking skills are one of the most important parts of being a reasoning person.
  • how to think
  • The answer is literally in the question. Student. the term implies indoctrination. If you don't want young people to learn and have to reinvent the wheel every generation, Then someone needs to teach them what and how to think. Having school systems are a MODERN feature of societies that have growing too complex to expect to rely only on family/households and apprenticeships to do the job of socializing and imparting productive skill sets to the young. 😊

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