• Hmmm... I guess I have to go with Doctor Dolittle. The original, singing one.
  • Batman, also known as 'The Batman' in his title of dressing like a bat. 🦇
  • I always liked Silver Surfer, but he's more of an anti-villain than a hero. HE has elements of the character Faust from Gothe's book of the same title, as he sold himself to Galactus, and, as a result, became incredibly powerful. But, unlike Faust, his motivation to do so was altruistic. He wanted to save his homeworld and his loved ones, and he knew the consequence was eternal slavery to an evil being. As a result of this, his character remains pure although his actions cause great suffering, at least until he betrays Galactus in order to save the people of Earth. For this defiance, he is punished by being exiled to Earth for the rest of eternity, destroying his hope of ever returning to the home for which he had sacrificed his soul.
  • far my favorite superhero movies.

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