• ive never been there
  • I wouldn't try Thailand or Korean meat. Chinese rice and egg rolls are not bad, but Japanese food is by far the best in Asia. From Teriyaki to Karaage, Yakisoba to Ramen: Japan is known for their food popularity worldwide.
  • India. You have so many flavours and the culinary tradition dates back well before recorded history. The new world was discovered in search of trade routes to India to bring their spices to Europe. Countless wars were started so that a foreign king could get a taste of Indian food. Whether you like spicy, savory, comfort food, or sweets, Indian cuisine has something for you. And, like traditional Chinese food, cooking these dishes won't break the bank, but, like non-traditional Chinese food, the flavours are bold and satisfying. If I had to choose four other favourites: Thai, Persian, Lebanese, and Japanese, at least how I feel today. Most of these countries, though, have multiple cuisines, so it's difficult to choose this way. For example, coastal Thai and inland Thai are pretty much entirely different culinary traditions.
  • korea. korean food is very healthy. and most of people thinks that most of korean food is very spicy, but, there are plenty of food that is not spicy. I recommand bibimbap and bulgogi (korean barbeque). and if you are confident with spicy foods, try kimchi.
  • I wouldn't know which food came from which country. I like trying new things, but usually go back to old favorites, unless I learn they are unhealthy then I might change my ways. Then again, I might not! haha

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