• I was on my way home from work. I worked second shift, so it was shortly after midnight. I was 18 years old at the time, and out late, so I am assuming that the officer was assuming I was up to no good, despite the fact that I was wearing a dirty work uniform. I honestly did nothing wrong, but he wrote me up for pretty much every offense in the traffic manual. I fought it. I mean, I *had* to if I was ever planning on driving again. The judge wasn't having it, since the combination of offenses seemed very strange (things like illegal left turn, illegal right turn, blocking traffic, speeding, and running a red light all at the same time). The officer didn't even show up to the hearing, so the judge threw out the ticket.
  • Not only believed: know for an absolute certainty. I was once ticketed for incorrectly turning onto road A from road B and causing an accident. I had not driven on road B at all that day. The officer ignored the statements of both drivers (and note: I was hit from behind by the other driver) and made up his own scenario and blamed me for the accident.
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      Ooof, sorry to hear that. Must have been the officers nephew or something in the other car. Usually, when a car is rear ended, the driver in the rear vehicle is assumed to be at fault unless there are some extenuating circumstances.
  • Yes I have. Several years ago, the city of San Francisco sent me a ticket over a parking violation. SF claimed it was me, and I was ordered to pay the fine, or appear in court to explain myself. I lived about 350 miles southeast of SF, and hadn't been there in probably 20 years. I turns out they only had a partial on the license plate, and a description of the car. The problem was, my pickup was a different color and a different make and model from their description. After several letters back and forth, the city generously "dismissed" the charges against me and my vehicle, and I din't have to appear. 5/6/23
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      I had the opposite experience with the city of detroit in the early 2000's. After I mailed them, they found me responsible for the ticket and then cancelled my court date!
    • dalcocono
      Were you actually responsible?
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      No, I was pretty irresponsible back then! LOL
  • When the revenue collector is on the side of the road with its radar speed dector and it chases you down pulls you over and fines you for doing 20 k's over the speed limit as it was stopped on the side of the road how fast did it go to chase you down and pull you over to give you the speeding fine? Is why I have no time for traffic cops everyone of them is a revenue collecting hypocrite liar.
  • I was on my way home from work. The route took me from one state route to another, each of which cut through a village. Fortunately, I had stopped at a supermarket at the first main intersection on my route. Drove to the next village and was stopped by an officer that said that I had been speeding through his village. I told him I hadn't been through the village and showed him my time stamped receipt from the supermarket. He had to let me go. That was the only time I was ever stopped for speeding in fifty years of driving.

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