• I had a pet gerbil when I was a child and now I have a pet pug for 6 years so far
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      I was bit by a gerbil once.
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      Maybe the gerbil was not cared for by a human or that the gerbil was not trained. Did you do something to frighten it or corner it?
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      It was my cousin's gerbil. She let it out and it ran up to me, and when I reached down, it lashed out at me. I'm not sure how well she cared for it, but she was young at the time. My wife had a bunch of pet rats when we married, and I handled them quite a lot without any of them ever even so much as running away from me, let alone biting. I had a guinea pig when I was little, who never bit me. IDK - every animal is different, though, so maybe that one particular gerbil was just mean, who knows?
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      Yeah. It could be anything at all. Guessing is not much use but at least with my previous response I gave a number of reasons as to why a gerbil might bite. They are usually friendly
  • I've had parakeets, a gerbil, a flying squirrel, turtles, rabbits, a duck, Guinea pigs, goldfish and tropical fish in addition to cats and dogs, all before age thirty. Once I reached that age I no longer had any interest in caring for pets.
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      Wow. Where did you get a flying squirrel?
    • robted
      I had a brother-in-law from Mississippi who caught it and brought it to me. I have no idea how he caught it. What he told me then (mid 60s) was that it was fairly common for boys in the south to catch them and keep them as pets. I notice someone mentioning gerbils biting; mine did that too, never did stop. The squirrel also bit but he was quite small and it really didn't hurt.
    • Linda Joy
      Hurt or no they still carry rabies! I got bit by a squirrel and if my bro-in-law hadn't caught it I'd have had to get rabies shots.
  • Sure. But before listing them I'd need some kind of distinction between livestock and pets. My mother was mentally damaged and she actually brought a stray wounded chicken in the house to care for it, and one day a goat was on my bed! I pushed it off and she said "Be careful! You'll break its legs." I told her I'll break more than that if it shits on my bed!!
  • Turtles and fish.
  • Horse, rabbits, hamster.
  • When I first moved out of my parents' home, I had a guinea pig. It was cute & I enjoyed it. I went to bed one night with everything seemingly normal & woke up the next morning to finding it dead. Hadn't had it very long & I lost interest in getting another. So, I went back to a dog that I knew how to handle!!!

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