• No. Almost every person now sitting in prison would have said the same thing in court if asked.
  • It wasn't me I didn't do it is the first thing every crim says to the cop. Why being a cop would be depressing because everyone lies to them. In court its not what you say but how you say it, you only have to convince the jury. The if you are believed or not is directly proportional to how much money you spent of your professional liar.
  • Yes. Why? Because our courts - by law - are required to assume a person's innocence until they are PROVEN guilty in a court of law. *** Now: if we add to your scenario that the prosecution had some significant and/or persuasive evidence indicating your guilt, then your statement by itself would not be sufficient evidence. But note that your scenario indicates no such thing as "valuable evidence" indicating your guilt. The ONLY evidence suggested in your scenario is evidence that indicates your innocence.
    • notyouraveragedummy
      The question "is it sufficient evidence". The answer is no, it is not. To be brought into court in the first place, charged with a crime, requires a warrant for the arrest based on sufficient evidence. In other words, If you are in court for a crime, there was some kind of evidence to get you there.
      The question does not mention "charged with a crime". One can be brought into court for many reasons: as a witness, as the target of a law suit (for example: small claims), etc. In any of these cases, such a person can be asked if they did something wrong OR accused of wrong-doing without being previously legally charged or arrested or arraigned..
    • notyouraveragedummy
      No, not based on the question!
  • It'd be good enough for me until whoever endicted you offered more compelling evidence.
  • "Not guilty" is a plea from the defendant, not evidence.
  • You are "assumed" innocent, until proven guilty.

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