• Because their oath of office installs them into a federal government position, perjuring themselves for violating that oath should be a federal crime punishable by the same criteria as any other case of perjury in a court of law. In addition, if it is made a federal crime, then it should disqualify them from holding an elected office for the rest of their lives.
    • Army Veteran
      ...and before you start charging Trump for everything under the sun, you should have some documented examples to charge him with. Keep in mind that the entire Libtard Party has been trying to nail him for whatever they could make up and have failed.
  • Typically they the local investigative news services. It's unusual for a "de Santos"-type fiasco to happen in the U.S. *** Considering that most politicians - especially at the federal level - are elected primarily because of how convincingly and persistently they lie, it does not seem reasonable (in fact: more likely self-incriminating and contrary to their goals) for the political parties to themselves vet their candidates.
  • Vetted by whom? The govt? Then we would only have govt approved candidates running for office? I think the vetting process is done best at the polls by the voters. 12/23/22
  • Just the same as any job interview applicant is vetted.

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