• For the 10,000th time, Trump did nothing illegal. You Libtards want so badly to find a skeleton hanging in his closet with your witch hunt that you're getting obsessed with scrutinizing his income taxes - and now to find out that he didn't pay any taxes, you're trying to think up all kinds of ways to charge him for a crime. Well, maybe one of you should take a bookkeeping course so you can explain it to the rest. Rich people get rich and stay rich by buying tax shelters and using other **LEGAL** investments to regulate their taxable income so that they don't HAVE to pay out actual money on their taxes. ¶ To keep it simple so even **you** can understand, when you donate money to a charity and are told that it is **tax deductible**, that means that you can subtract that amount of money from your taxes at the end of the year. Rich people like Trump do the same thing but in a big way. That means he can donate millions to charities, invest (buy) in businesses that need financial backing, and other tax shelters. And while he may earn a lot of money that you and the other Libtards think he should be paying taxes on, the investments he's already made are tax deductible - they're write-offs that balance his tax bill so that he doesn't have to actually cut a check to pay his taxes. ¶ If you people would just use 3 of the brain cells you were supposed to have been supplied with, you wouldn't embarrass yourselves with such stupidity.
  • I don't care if he paid taxes or not. He has accountants and tax lawyers to handle all that for him and I bet they do a pretty good job. Taking advantage of each and every legal deduction to the tax forms is not a crime. The tax code is set up that way. I think the entire subpoena of his tax forms is nothing more that a giant fishing expedition hoping to catch him up on something. They are so desperate to stop him from running again, one guy even introduced a bill barring him from running for office. How can that be legal in the USA? What if another guy introduced a bill to prevent Biden from running for office again? I personally hope neither of these old windbags run again, and someone less advanced in years and more accustomed to the truth gets the job. 12/22/22

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