• They use it for shock value.
  • That's what they're known as. 😁
  • Lots of black folks call each other that dastardly word for some reason. Rappers, and comedians are just celebrities who put it out there for everybody to hear.
    • Army Veteran
      "Dastardly" only because political correctness shuns it. They shun it because we live in a day and age when double standards are a way of life. Constitutionally, there is no law that prohibits its use by any race - the Constitution doesn't protect you from hurt feelings.
    • dalcocono
      Yup, no argument here on that notion. People are way too easily offended these days. The old "sticks and stones" thing seems to have been forgotten. I think it's ridiculous that there are words in American English that are only allowed to certain groups to use freely.
  • People have become sheep and prefer to travel the path of least resistance. The first amendment guarantees Americans the right to free speech, but political correctness (not even a law) is biased against free speech. PC is a Communist tool designed to disrupt societies to create domestic turmoil that will eventually lead to political revolutions - just like in the good old days of Bolshevism.

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