• He'd either ask you to be more specific or just serve you the cheap stuff. Of course, if you look like you just fell off the turnip truck, you might get a Shirley Temple. 😆
  • In the U.S.: almost certainly something else. Those are all particular varieties of whiskey that are typically served only when asked for. Probably you would get a Blended Whiskey or Spirit Whiskey (which types are what Army has already suggested, "the cheap stuff")
  • Not Scotch as that is whisky rather than whiskey. Whiskey is usually Irish or produced in the US.
  • He'd ask you what you want? If you were well dressed they might give you Glen Fidick and charge you if your wernt probably the cheapest house bourbon. I don't goto the pub that much anymore. Theres not many pubs Ive driven past.

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