• That depends on what that "clown" is saying. If he's saying something like, "I'm 30 years old and I've never seen it this hot in October", I'm completely unimpressed. If he's saying something like, "My village was flooded by global warming. I know it was because the TV told me so." I'm completely unimpressed. If he's citing scientific research that shows that global warming is occurring, or something like "more hottest ever days on record have occurred this year than ever before" (yeah - I've never heard someone say that), then I'll take notice.
    • 11stevo73
      remember to watch out for when they homogenization the climate data. From what Ive seen of our local weather recorlds it means they change the old recorlds to suit the agenda.
  • Global warming is a scam. In the 1970s they said we were headed for another ice age. Now, 50 years later, they're claiming that we're experiencing global warming. The simple fact is, the earth cools and it heats - it's part of a natural cycle. Unfortunately, there are scammers out there supported by Liberal politicians who take advantage of the illiterate just to suck them dry.
  • I believe they have the right to believe whatever they choose and should not be ridiculed for their beliefs, even if they are ridiculous. Its o.k to believe differently from them. Its not o.k. to personally attack them and call names like a third grader because they choose to believe differently from YOU! And if this is a 12 year old all you are teaching them is how to be a bully. They will not learn from you with that attitude.
  • I believe weather changes. I believe we have figured out air conditioning and heating. I believe we learned eons ago that if the water level rises you move to higher ground, and animals have gone extinct throughout the life of our planet. I have faith our children are smart enough to figure out the problems of their generation. I also believe it is child abuse to use alarmist tactics to terrorize children into following any political agenda. These are adult issues.
  • You can see how crazy the weather is and how the polar ice caps are melting.
    • 11stevo73
      No I cant see the polar caps melting .Have you personally seen that? I was shown a video of Antarticia melting recently. The actual video was of The Falkland Islands thou.
  • What difference does it mean to believe it or not to believe it? What is the point of the theory? Should humans be more mindful of their effect on the environment? Absolutely! The world population has about doubled in my lifetime. It will double again in the next century. How much chemicals and plastics can the earth sustain at that point in time? Whether you believe in global warming or not, everyone should be looking for ways to minimize human impact on the environment. Don't be missing the point!
  • This video deals specifically in statistics and how it is manipulated to support the narrative, much like Covid, with pandemics they are meant to calculate "deaths" to determine a pandemic, not the amount of people catching it. . Also, NASA remain in support of Stratospheric Aerosol spraying, stating it is helping cool the planet. However, data shows that the planet temperatures have not changed since 2000, which is prior to the CIA coming out and saying they were spraying the stratosphere in 2016. Stratospheric aerosol spraying had no testing to see how damaging it was to both humans or nature, they came up with the idea that when volcanos erupt they block out the sun, even though volcanic activity aids in climate warming, but if we are spraying the sky, wouldn't that keep heat within the earths atmosphere and so warming the planet? Just a thought. So unless you are willing to go searching for actual data, and question it, they can really have you swallowing just about anything. All they have to say is science says (a new spin on Simon says) and you'll believe them. The only way to think is to look at the presented data yourself, and the persons writing these papers and any conflicts of interest, ie take for example scientists financially benefiting from published data, by sponsorship, or working for the organisation that publishes the data, this conflict of interest happens alot, it happened with the Smart Meters and E-cigarettes. "Emergencies" have always been the pretext on which the safeguards on individual liberty has been eroded. - Friedrich August von Hayek. I'm with Notyouraveragedummy on the way we treat the planet though, people tend to think there home ends when they step outside the front door, they don't realise their house resides on the same planet as the outside.

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