• Never. A true atheist does not get involved with anything religious unless they are confused by being around religious people and believing some of the things that religious people say. Religious people are gobshites who talk through their bum brainwashed into lies and fantasies. I’m just saying things how they really are unless a confused and brainwashed religious person does not understand my meaning.
  • When I was an atheist I didn't really celebrate it, but had no problem with these type of things since it's imbedded in our culture, including much of the language and things we say The days of the week after named after gods/planets, Sunday after the sun Helios, monday-moon Hemera Selene, Tuesday - Mars god Tiw, Wednesday - Mercury god Woden, Thursday Jupiter (THORSday), Friday - Venus Frigga, Saturday, Saturns day, Chronos. Atheists can appreciate gospel music, and songs like Ava Marie, and Johnny Cash etc. Along with celebrating holidays such as Christmas (Saturnalia) , Easter (Eostre /Spring), Halloween (Samhain), and others. Not only biblical films include biblical feature, but much more so, many horror films, Other films such as the Wicker man, the Gods of Egypt, Gnostic films such as The Matrix trilogy, The Truman Show, Star Wars, Prometheus, Blade Runner, They Live, The Lawnmower man, The Fifth Element, Thor, so on so fourth.

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