• I've always held a fascination for the folklore of Appalachia and how many of its beliefs and superstitions are based on natural occurrences. My ex-girlfriend has a son who is into the Native American culture, and so my curiosity has expanded into this as well. About a year ago, I purchased a dreamcatcher and as I waited to receive it, I did some research on "how they worked". Not that I believed it to that extent, but I still had an open mind. After I received it, I hung it in the bedroom window as per the instructions. That night the recurring dreams started. They never lasted but a few minutes, but they came back-to-back for around 2 or 3 hours each time until I was no longer able to sleep. They weren't "nightmares", exactly, but the fact that I kept getting trapped in them was a nightmarish experience. This went on for several months (I averaged less than 5 hours of sleep per night unless I slept in another room - my only alternative was my desk chair). Finally, I happened to open the curtain in the bedroom one day and see the dreamcatcher hanging there. I took it out of the window and packed it away. The very night I took it out of the window, the dreams stopped. I've had one or two since, but nothing like what I experienced during that time. My sleep schedule is still crappy. I don't know how long it will take for that to return to normal.
  • Yes. I've had recurring dreams about getting a job and doing it poorly, running and falling great distances (enough to kill me, but I'd wake up falling) or driving off a cliff and waking up at impact, and for a time I had night terrors about my ex trying to kill me. And I once had a night terror (not recurring) that I was back in the Navy and had to secure a building and kids were trying to steal stuff and I had to draw down on them, but I couldn't fire, because they were just kids. I woke up screaming that time.

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