• Falling, being naked in public, teeth falling out
    • mushroom
      Never had that last one.
    • lavender
      I have never had any of those dreams. Those were my pre-coffee guesess.
    • Linda Joy
      You got #1 right. Guess again on the other two
    • Boola Boo
      Never had any of those dreams. My reoccuring dreams are #1 flying or being able to jump very high, #2 dreams related to a vehicle or mode of transportation, (last night my work truck rolled away I would have taken my bicyble to retrieve it but it had just been stolen. I haven't worked for that company for over 30 years, #3 being lost in a maze of empty rooms, lost in a strange town, lost trying to find my way home, lost period and having interesting, but not especially good encounters with people and places.
  • not sure since i rarely rennennber nnine
  • Falling, being chased & something about school? I would have guessed being naked but you told Lavender that wasn't in the top 3, I bet it's in the top 10.
  • * having a conversation with others (most every dream involves that) * romantic/sexual dream
  • falling, sex and dieing
    • Linda Joy
      you're too smart to misspell dying.
  • I’ve had recurring dreams of floating in space, flying in mid air and under the water in the ocean

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