• Johnson lost the confidence of his cabinet & MPs after accusations of lying so was forced to resign. The Conservative Party members (about 160,000 people) elected Liz Truss as their new leader so she became Prime Minister. Her mini-budget introduced tax cuts funded by borrowing which didn't go well in the City, causing the Pound to lose value & mortgage interest rates to rise. This in turn led to a lack of confidence in her so she resigned. There was only one candidate to replace her, Rishi Sunak, who had lost the leadership election to Truss. A lot of people in the UK would like a General Election so we get a say in who our next Prime Minister is.
  • Maybe people are starting to wake up.
  • Because they weren't able to do it in just five weeks...
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
  • That's because British politics has become chaotic in recent years.

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