• Details repeated for clarity: *** It turns out that's not the case. In fact: nearly 25% of Norwegians, of whose population only 22% believe in the existence of a deity, believe that climate change is NOT caused by human activity. *** News article link [[ ]] *** BTW: I, the question-asker, do accept that human activities are the most likely cause of the current global warming trend.
  • My personal observation is young people are the ones that believe all of this climate change bs on election day around here it was young people that voted for the greenies. They are young stupid and know nothing thats why they are being misslead so easily. Personally in the 50 years Ive been alive the weather hasn't changed. It would be nice if the goverment stopped cloud seeding and creating floods which they are doing on the north east coast of Australia. Tell me the chemtrails on every Plane that flys over the coast is normal?
      I dunno...I'm older than you (60), and I noticed that things seemed to be getting warmer even as a child (though note: could be localized, or bias when comparing the big snows we had in the northeast in the early 70s to later years when - completely outside of my previous experience - we had several non-white Christmases)

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