• I would say: usually it refers to someone from New York City. I used to live in New York - that is: in the STATE of New York (the area which NYCers call "upstate New York", by which they mean "all of the state except for New York City")...and I don't remember ever saying "I'm a New Yorker". Instead: "I'm from New York" (which still sometimes confused people, who imagined that I meant that I was from New York City). *** All that being said: it is STILL certainly PROPER ENGLISH to refer to anyone from New York State as a "New Yorker"...but also proper English to refer to someone from New York City in particular as a "New Yorker", with the meaning intended to convey that they are from New York City in particular.
  • I would say by their accent
  • It is currently defined by northeastern liberals trying to escape taxation by moving to Florida.
  • someone from the 5 boros

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