• Only when they're broken. The best tools are in the toolbox for work, when they're worn they go to the shed for working on the car or DIY. A few are in a kitchen drawer for misusing (screwdrivers as levers or for poking holes etc.).
  • No reason to do so because of age. Indeed: the older the tool, the more impressed with it I am. When a tool becomes broken, or worn to the point where it is no longer sufficiently functional, then I'll scrap it (that is: take it to the scrap yard, with other scrap metal that I've accumulated, in return for $).
  • I wouldn't know, every man that left thought the tools were his, and I let him take them just to see him go! And they weren't exactly a priority when I went homeless, so I still don't know. Now that I'm in an apartment with no vehicle I don't have a lot of hand tools.
  • Hand tools never grow old they just wear out to the point they become dangerous to use.
  • Only broken tools

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