• I've always liked the variety of choices that a buffet offers, but I've "backed off" going to them even before the mandates. I always went with a friend or family member - friends have passed and family health issues prevent enjoying that aspect. I still like the idea, but it's just no fun going alone. I've never "not" trusted them.
  • Most of the buffets in our area have permanently closed. The closest buffet closed due to a mouse infestation and not Covid. It was having troubles for a while. Owners decided not to reopen the more prominent buffets due to the pandemic.
    • Army Veteran
      Have them put little masks on the mice and open anyway.
    • Army Veteran
      There is a Chinese buffet just a couple of blocks from my house, but I prefer to go to one about 10 miles away. Let your hunger and desire be your guide.

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