• Probably. For most companies that offer international goods, the cut-off of Russian banks made it practical to stop sales in Russia (because those companies make products outside of Russia and could not be expected to be paid by Russians as long as the Russian banks are cut off internationally). McDonalds and Coca-Cola, however, almost certainly source all of their products within Russia itself, so they weren't quick to jump on the bandwagon since their producers could be paid in Russia for products produced in Russia. *** But public sentiment is tremendously important for these companies, and they have realized how damaging it might be (to sales in most Western nations) to continue sales in Russia. By cutting off Russian sales of their products, they "step in line" with the prevalent attitude in "the West" and don't have to put up with boycotts that would inevitably have taken place if they had continued sales in Russia.
  • Yes. And, they best be thinking about an exodus from China, too. Biden's ineptness has opened all kinds of doors.

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