• "You" are in deep shit if you made it that far. No one goes to Heaven - that's God's home. If you manage to stumble in there, you're trespassing. And if you accuse anyone there of being the worst jackass that ever lived...well, I hope you like barbecue...
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
    • Moving Violation
      No such place they been telling you a big fat fucking lie!Feb.03.2022
  • I'd tell you "Hello"
  • Assuming that person still has that trait: not spend time hanging around that particular person.
  • I saw a holy card once that was called "surprise in heaven". A person arrived in heaven and saw several people there that he thought should never have been admitted for one reason or another. But, after all those people saw him, he realized that they were surpised to see him there too! 1/22
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      That's good thanks.
  • Go and make a formal complaint to St Peter at the pearly gates.

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