• Yes Wallmart stores
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  • It's a tactic similar to the one used by Britain at the end of WW1 against Germany to force them into submission. Blockades are not against international law as long as they target military products. They are not allowed to prevent trade that affects the general public's basic needs. But that's what Britain did - they literally starved Germany into submission. The same thing is going on under the Biden administration. They're trying to force compliance on the COVID mandates and to put pressure on, they've interrupted the supply chain so that the stores can't get the things they need to maintain full shelves. They're literally trying to starve the country into submission.
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      1465-LOL. you have missed you calling. You should be in comedy.
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      And you should educate yourself.
  • Keep electing Democrats. Best, fastest method to starvation and destitution.
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      Sounds frightening.
  • I think it has more to do with the fact that the dems are paying people to sit home and not work. But I don't think they can literally starve us to death. If they wanted to do that they'd discontinue food assistance, which the dems started before WWII.
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      think again?
  • Now watch all the democrats blame Trump! Its the pathetic Joe Bidens doing or who ever writes his lines. Was there plenty of food in the shops when Trump was presidant? If you can't work that out you are a fool.
  • Because you eat too much.
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      Sayyys Hulk? LOL
  • same here in Australia.truck drivers etc workers are sick

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