• I probably wouldn't. Depending on the behavior of the children, of course. If they're spitting in my food or sticking their hands in it, I probably would. But some people just don't like dealing with children and there are varying degrees of child misconduct. It would also depend on the behavioral ability of the child. Some know better and others may be cognitively underdeveloped. But I think just about any reason you have to leave is valid. I don't think you should trash them online for a personal peeve like some do, but if you're not getting the experience you expected for the price you should be able to leave up until you've eaten the meal. Or at least discuss a discount on your ticket to compensate. I don't think you should feel badly about it. Everyone has their standards and there is a reason they have housing where children aren't allowed.
  • Nowadays if you tell a kid's parent to calm a disorderly kid, you are in for a fight. That's how bad society is. Which is why I prefer to dine in descent restaurants were the workers or managers will actually do something when they see intolerable behavior.
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      Right you are.
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      For the sake of peace, you did right in leaving.
  • It's the management's responsibility to make sure their customers are comfortable. Their meals should be enjoyable, so they return. If someone's child is disruptive, the parent's of the child should be asked to intervene, or asked to leave. Failure definitely would result in my going elsewhere.
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      Yes. The baby was yelling and threw a fork across the table. No management in sight. When I was going to say something to the manager, he was on the phone. I figure they were either too busy, lazy or afraid and I took my business some place else.
  • you did the right thing as far as I'm concerned.
  • Children need to eat too and travelling with children often leaves restaurants the only place to feed them. However, I would get up from my table and ask for my meal to be prepared to go if the child was too out of control. Screaming babies will often get the same reaction from me. I came out to have a meal and a good time. That does not involve dealing with other peoles children who can't seem to behave.
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      Well put, thanks.
    • dalcocono
  • I would request the waitperson to move me to a different table, seating.
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      There were no waitpersons around or I would have.
  • I have, and I was seated at the table with the unruly child - my own. It's just not fair to other diners expecting to enjoy a meal without distraction.
  • I would ask the mgr to remove the child and the parents.
  • If there was nowhere else to move to, then yes. I want to relax when having a meal.
  • I would ask the manager to handle it.

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